Rameau – Dardanus – Pinchgut Opera, Sydney

A double CD recording is available through ABC classics, go to then enter Dardanus in the product search. 


Rameua’s Dardanus has all the features of a great opera: lovers on opposite sides of a war, each unaware of the other’s feelings, magical disguises, accomplishment of an heroic deed to win the girl, and a happy ending. Recorded live at City Recital Hall Angel Place, Sydney, featuring Paul Agnew, Paul Whelan, Kathryn McCusker and the Orchestra of Antipodes playing on period French Baroque instruments. 


“Kathryn McCusker is a dramatic and impassioned Iphise.”

Musicweb International

“Kathryn McCusker sings Iphise with a regal glow, while Paul Agnew, as Dardanus, is colourful and expressive.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“As the love object torn between Dardanus and her father’s preferred husband for her, Paul Whelan’s Anténor, Kathryn McCusker is a consistently authoritative and beguiling Iphise.”


Rameau, Dardanus, Pinchgut Opera, Sydney
Rameau, Dardanus, Pinchgut Opera, Sydney